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Vở Opera kinh điển Carmen được trình diễn bởi hơn 150 nhạc sĩ, nghệ sĩ, diễn viên của Nhà hát nhạc vũ kịch Việt Nam (VNOB)

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Ngày 03/06/1420:00 - Thứ Ba
Nhà hát lớn Hà NộiSố 1 Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
Giá vé từ:
200.000 - 700.000 VNĐ
Ngày 02/06/1420:00 - Thứ Hai
Nhà hát lớn Hà NộiSố 1 Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
Giá vé từ:
200.000 - 700.000 VNĐ

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    Vở Opera kinh điển Carmen được trình diễn bởi hơn 150 nhạc sĩ, nghệ sĩ, diễn viên của Nhà hát nhạc vũ kịch Việt Nam (VNOB)

    Opera "Carmen" 
    Originated from the novel by Prosper Mérimée, the opera Carmen was completed in the autumn of 1874. It was the last work of Georges Bizet, and also is the most popular opera on the stage in the world until now. Bizet, through his music, told us a tragic story behind brightness, and depicted the optimistic, straightforward but wild personality of a Gipsy girl, Carmen. The opera discloses the bald-faced passions, describes the eternal confrontation between men and women, shows the ruthless but beautiful life, and proves the perpetual co-existence between love and death. 

    In this opera, Bizet managed to create vivid dramatic melodies with Spanish elements. Some excerpts such as Habanera, Les Toreadors and the Prelude have been highly cherished by many artists and performed again and again in the past century 

    Act I 
    The story begins at a plaza of Seville. Don Jose's fiancée Micaela goes to the posse to visit Don Jose, but fails to find him. At the noon break, a Gypsy girl Carmen, together with her fellow women workers of a tobacco factory, gather in the plaza. The adorable Carmen refuses all her admirers, except Don Jose, a young man working with the weapons at the corner. Carmen throws a flower at his face, and then slips away by the help of other girls. After the noon break, Don Jose picks up the flower secretly. Afterwards, Micaela and Don Jose meet and say sweet words, and Micaela hands a home letter to Don Jose. Suddenly, a riot happens at the tobacco factory—Carmen and another factory girl have a quarrel, and Carmen injures the girl with a dagger. Carmen is thrown into prison accordingly, yet she refuses to repent. Trying her best, Carmen succeeds in teasing Don Jose who takes charge of her. Under Don Jose's help, Carmen escapes, but Don Jose is demoted and detained as a consequence. 

    Act II 
    In a small pub near the old ramparts in Seville, Carmen, her girlfriends, military officers and gypsies are drinking in high spirits. Afterwards, a matador Escamillo drops at the pub and courts Carmen, but she doesn't nod. Two smugglers try to rope in Carmen into a smuggling trade after Escamillo leaves, yet Carmen rejects as she is waiting for Don Jose. At this moment, Carmen hears the singing of Don Jose, and she accompanies with the castanet dance. Finally, Don Jose expresses his deep love for her. Because Don Jose is deprived of his position as a dragoon, he has to do smuggling with Carmen in mountains. 

    Act III 
    Don Jose, Carmen and other smugglers have lived in mountains for many days, and Don Jose becomes regretful when he thinks of his mother and Micaela. The young man bursts out quarreling with Carmen, and the furious eyes of Don Jose make Carmen realize that she may be killed by this man someday. Then, Micaela, who still loves Don Jose, risks her life to find Don Jose, telling his mother is very sick. At the same time, the matador Escamillo also comes to look for Carmen, but happens to come across Don Jose standing sentry. Knowing his intention, Don Jose is overwhelmed by jealousy and decides to kill him. However, his attempt is stopped by Carmen. Disappointed by Carmen and concerned about his mother, Don Jose returned home with Micaela. 

    Act IV 
    At the plaza in front of the bullfighting arena of Seville, spectators and peddlers go back and forth. Escamillo enters the arena, leaving Carmen outside. Then, Don Jose in ragged clothes begs for the forgiveness from Carmen, but she stays apathetic. Afterwards, the arena is exploded with cheers and applauses, and Carmen believes they are for the victory of Escamillo. She takes off the ring given by Don Jose, wanting to rush into the arena. Don Jose is thoroughly ablaze with anger, and he draws out the stagger and stabs at Carmen. When people step out from the arena with excitements, they see Carmen lie in blood and hear Don Jose cry "I killed her! Carmen, my dear Carmen!" 

    Carmen : Vành Khuyên 
    Don José: Thanh Bình, Anh Vũ 
    Escamillo: Phan Đức, Mạnh Dũng 
    Micaela: Thăng Long 
    Zuniga: Huy Đức 
    Morales: Kiều Thẩm 
    Fraquita: Thu Hương 
    Mercedes: Phương Dung 
    Lillas Pastia: Hoàng Hoa 
    Dancaido: Khánh Cường 
    Remendado: Phi Hùng 
    and the Hanoi International Choir, the Orchestra of Vietnam National Opera and Ballet.

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